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MEDICAIDS was founded in the year 1970 by a team of professionals, every one of whom excelled in his own field. They were committed for providing quality medicines at economical prices. Since its inception, the concept of quality blended with economy has always been the guiding principle. It is the result of this commitment that Medicaids has always been ranked as one of the most prestigious and quality conscious pharmaceutical manufacturer of the country.

From a modest start three decades back, Medicaids has matured into high-tech unit with state-of-the art production and quality control equipment. Take over of Medicaids by Mr. Amjad Ali Khan as Chief Executive injected a new lease of life in the Company. His determination to up-grade Medicaids resulted in installation of most modern and latest injectable plants for production of vials and ampoules with enough capacity to meet future requirements as well. Continuous up-grading and expansion has bestowed Medicaids with surplus production capacity. This advantage, backed by the inherent confidence in the quality has motivated many a pharmaceutical importers to switch over to Medicaids for getting their products produced locally.

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